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Court Rank Explanations:

Bullet light purple by BluePurpleSky Planetary Authority: (TEMP CLOSED)
These are the highest ranking gems in Lavender Diamonds court. There are 6 of them and each one acts as the authority on their assigned planet of the colony.

Bullet light purple by BluePurpleSky Royal Servents: CLOSED
These 5 gems are second only to Lavender Diamond and the Planetary Authority. They are almost always by Lavender Diamond's side.

Bullet light purple by BluePurpleSky Aristocrats:
High ranking gems with unique powers useful to Lavender Diamond and the success of her colonies.

Bullet light purple by BluePurpleSky Lavender's Servants:
(AKA Castle Servants)These are servants that are relatively high ranking (for a servant) because they serve in Lavender Diamonds castle.

Bullet light purple by BluePurpleSky Soldiers:
Strong and tactile gems tasked with keeping peace in the solar system as well as the protection of Lavender Diamond.

Bullet light purple by BluePurpleSky Commoners:
Gems who do not fall in the aristocratic ranking. These gems live scattered among the 7 planets and help the colonies function. Each commoner has a job and uses their powers to better the colonies.

Bullet light purple by BluePurpleSky Servants:
Mostly Pearls. These gems serve the members of Aristocratic ranking and a few select are allowed to work directly under Lavender Diamond herself.

Bullet light purple by BluePurpleSky Homeworld Ally Residents:
Gems loyal to homeworld who live on one of Lavender Diamonds 6 available planets.

Bullet light purple by BluePurpleSky Homeworld Defect Residents:
Gems that have defected or rebelled against Homeworld who live on one of Lavender Diamonds 6 available planets.

Bullet light purple by BluePurpleSky Rebels:
These are ex court members, one's who disagree with the peace pact and believe Lavender Diamond should align with either homeworld or its defects.

Bullet light purple by BluePurpleSky Fusions:
Just as the title says, fusions! Whether they be canon (In the plot) or non-canon (for fun!).

Bullet light purple by BluePurpleSky:new: Fan Club Members
Gems who devote their time and adoration to Lavender Diamond, The Planetary Authority and their royal servants.

Planets and their Planitary Authority:

Bullet light purple by BluePurpleSky 1st: Ruler = Rhodochrosite
A dry, hot planet with little to no bodies of water on the surface; instead, most bodies of water lie underground, with ancient, naturally carved tunnels and caves. Given the heat of the surface, most activity is underground, in these tunnels, save for the giant communication towers planted across the planet, large enough to be spotted from other planets.

Bullet light purple by BluePurpleSky 2nd: Ruler = Lavander Chalcedony
Although it lacks many large bodies of whater, the terrain varries trumendiously. There are tall mountains next to deep vallies, rolling hills and complex cave systems. And with some assorted, primitive alian life, It's the perfect place for training Lavender Diamonds Soldiers.

Bullet light purple by BluePurpleSky 3rd: Ruler = Lavender Chrysoberyl -
The warm air of the planet blows across the land, carrying tunes of life in them. Being the third from the sun, it seems to be a perfectly balanced spring paradise. The only really meddlesome thing is the frequent rain, which causes ponds and rivers to flood sometimes. The colors are vivid all year round and the planet is mostly covered in water while the land tends to be a bit mushy.

Bullet light purple by BluePurpleSky 4th: Ruler = Lavender Diamond -
A large planet of crystal buildings twinkling in light, a vast air of elegance and the colonies most sophisticated gems. Beyond the cities lie endless fields of lavender flowers that grew from a few when the colony began. It's home to leavender Diamonds magnificent castle where all are welcome to gather.

Bullet light purple by BluePurpleSky 5th: Ruler = Nacre -
A mostly ocean planet with various islands speckled throughout, it's a bit chilly (due to it being a little farther from the star) but perfect for nurturing pearls.

Bullet light purple by BluePurpleSky 6th: Ruler = Peach Aura Quartz -

Bullet light purple by BluePurpleSky 7th: Ruler = Alexandrite -
A frigid place the far from the sun and constantly blanketed in snow. The gem settlements on the planet are built into the sides of mountains to prevent the entrances from being blocked or the place being covered completely.



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Divider by LadyMidnightSolace
(If you wish to collaborate with us plot wise, please send a note!)

Group Info

Created long before the crystal gems and any thought of rebellion, Lavender Diamond was meant to join the Homeworlds Diamond authority. However, after discovering a 7 planet solar system far away from Homeworld she left and brought with her 6 other gems to rule over her new colony.

Now she offers her solar system as a home and place of rest for both homeworlds defects and it's most dedicated subjects. The only demand is that they abide by her colonies peace pact.

Despite Lavender Diamonds neutrality, like all leaders, she still has some gems who greatly disagree with the way she rules. Homeworld aligned gems claim treachery for housing Homeworld defects and the Outcasts or Defectors claiming her acceptance of Homeworld gems is an act of betrayal to those who came to her in need. Even some of her own court eventually came to rebel against her over who the colony should align with.

Yet, she remains a just and fair ruler, with her closest servants and Planetary Advisors by her side, and promises her subjects a safe home full of opportunity and wonder.

Welcome to Lavender Diamonds Court.
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Steven Universe OCs

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.:♡ Welcome ♡:.

Welcome one and all to Lavender Diamond's Court!


Searching for:
Bullet light purple by BluePurpleSkyFan Club Presidents 5/7
Bullet light purple by BluePurpleSky:new:Spies 2/3 (may add more as the rebellion grows)
Bullet light purple by BluePurpleSky:new:Doctor
Bullet light purple by BluePurpleSkyArt Donations
Bullet light purple by BluePurpleSkyMembers, of course!
Bullet light purple by BluePurpleSkyCollaborators

Click "Join our Group" and in the message field put the password that you can get from reading all the rule sheets.
(Hint: The Journals are in order below)

- - - - - - - - - - - -

Discord Chat!

Group Rules
BE POLITE. You will receive a warning if you are caught or have been reported for bad/rude behavior.
If you continue to exhibit negative behavior after 2 warnings, you will be removed from the group.
 Please treat one another with respect. If you do something that another deviant doesn't approve of, please speak with an admin.
In no instance will these things be tolerated: racism, bullying, discriminating, explicit content (NSFW), excessive use of rude language/directing crude language  towards a member and any other inappropriate/rude behavior.  If you are exhibiting any of these things you will be removed from the group immediately.
Listen to Authority. The admins are here to help keep things running smoothly, please listen to them.
Submit to the right folder, please. (key letter D) We understand if you accidentally click the wrong folder, but

Court Rules
Brought to you by Lavender Diamond and her Planetary Authorities.
1. "Your social class is not determined by what gem you are. Gems of any type may hold any position they so desire. A Ruby can be a noble if they wish, and a Sapphire may train with me to be a warrior if that's what they dream! The possibilities reach as far as you imagine!" - Lavender Chalcedony
2.  "Gems directly in my Diamond's court -- aristocrats, soldiers, servants and the like -- have the benefit of living on the fourth planet, with my Diamond. Any other gems looking for a home under her reign is free to live on any of the other six planets. (I personally suggest MINE, though!)" - Rhodochrosite
*Rebels - Misc. Aligned gems can NOT live on the 4th planet but can live on the other 6.
3. Gems wishing to be a direct servant to LD must have their gem in the same location as her (below her breast) and be lavender/a shade of pastel purple and wear purple. All other gems mu

How to Join
Click "Join our Group" and in the message field put the password that you can get from reading all the rule sheets.
(We have a 3 strikes system, if you cannot provide the password in 3 tries we will not accept your join request)
1. You MUST have a drawn reference for your gem! It's ok if you did not originally design the gem. Do NOT use bases unless they are your own, and do NOT trace other people's works.
(If you adopted the gem then you must link whose art it is, but know, if you don't draw your own gem, this group wont be as fun, considering it is an art based RP group.)
2. Any gem can join LDs court. To be a direct member they must be a shade of purple or pastel! You can have multi-colored gems, but Purple/pastel has to be their primary focus (white counts as pastel). Gems of any other (non pastel) color are permitted to live on any of the planets (except the 4th), but must fill out a Residence only Pass.
3. Your gem must have the Purpl

Quest Info
Hello! Since quests are almost out, it's time for the rules of quests!
1) Quests are to be done only if you want to, they're not required. 
We dont want to force you to draw, we're here to have fun! You may participate and some gems and not others and that's okay!

2) In each submitted quest, there is an info box in both the deviation AND the description to instruct you. 
Please read them through, they are all different and full of important information!
3) I'd advise you to do quests in chronological order. 
For example, if you're doing Quest 2, then you must complete Quest 1 first. It messes with the story man.
4) You can, of course, do multiple quest entries with multiple gems. 
If you have 3 different gems then you can have 3 different quest entries, one for each. 
5) Only admins have the privilege to make the Quests. 
While members m

I apologize for not getting this out sooner! ;w;
I'm going to put it in bullets to save time and have someone write it... nicer? for me.
~ This group is going by the basis that rose quartzs ability to heal cracked gems is a very rare power, so it will be one of the few power bans we have here. That means, cracked gems stay cracked (and corrupted gems stay corrupted).
~ LD court gems don't eat and drink (because gems dont need to) except they will drink tea for special occasions like a holiday or a big victory over the rebels.
~ Lavender Diamond lives in a castle and has tons of servants, but every one of them is more than well taken care of and respected.
~ There is a gem hospital. It is for the care of cracked/broken gems and for the protection of poofed gems.
~ As far as we know from the show, gems don't bleed and so they don't here either.
~ The rebels live on the moon of the 5th Planet.
~ Rebel ranks: Leader < Secondaries < Followers < LDC

This list is ever growing and changing,(key letter n) please keep an eye on it.
Main Characters:
Lavender Diamond - Leader and Ruler of the colony
Rhodochrosite - 1st PA
Lavender Chalcedony - 2nd PA
Lavender Chrysoberyl - 3rd PANacre - 5th PAPeach Aura Quartz - 6th PAAlexandrite - 7th PA
Pearl - Royal Servant Lilac Pearl - Royal Servant Lavender - Royal Servant LP - Royal Servantlavy - Royal Servant  
Heliodor - The Leader of the RebellionStarry Night Azurite - Second in CommandBlue Goldstone - Snekky

Gem MasterlistGem | # Available out of #
[You can use ctrl + f to search for specific gems]
Agate 1/2
Agate (Fairburn) 1/2
Agate (Luna) 0/2
Alexandrite 0/2
Angelite 1/2
Apatite (Purple) 1/2
Aquamarine 1/2
Aventurine (Lavender) 1/2
Azurite 1/2
Baroque Pearl (Mauve) 1/2
Bornite 1/2
Charoite 0/2
Chalcedony (Lavender) 0/2
Chrysoberyl (Lavender) 0/1
Druzy 0/2
Fire Opal (pink) 1/2
Goldstone 0/2
Goldstone (blue) 0/1
Goshenite 1/2
Hackmanite 0/2
Heliodor 0/1
Iolite 0/2
Jade 1/2
Jade (Lavender) 0/2
Jade (white) 1/2
Jadeite (Lavender) 0/2
Kornerupine 1/2
Kunzite 0/2
Key letter d
Lapis 1/2
Lepidolite 1/2
Nacre 0/1
Obsidian 0/2
Obsidian (Snowflake) 1/2
Opal (Black) 1/2
Pearl (Black) 0/2
Pearl (Conch) 2/2
Pearl (Freshwater) 1/2
Pearl (Indigo) 1/2
Pearl (Lavender)2/3
Pearl (Lilac) 0/2
Pearl (Light Creamrose) 1/2
Pearl (Keshi) 1/# (These are a "special" breed they are not first come first serve)
Pearl (Purple) 0/2
Pearl (Rosaline) 1/2
Pearl (


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Do you guys want us to have an art contest? 

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1 deviant said Not really. (come on dude it's an art based RP group)


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